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AUS220 Week One Blog Post - Getting away from the screen to get better behind it

February 16, 2018

If I can implement the positive changes in my thoughts into my music, then hopefully I can influence that into all/the audience, for the better of humanity



 The pillars of creation (this is the {current scientific theory of the alleged} start of our solar system) inspire me creatively every day



 Neelix's lyrics in "You Can Change the World" changed my perceptions and behaviours for what I feel are for the better, hopefully I can do the same for at least one person when I am good enough to finish an influential tune.


YOU CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!!! We all can. We ALL can.

Neelix's You Can Change The World video was the subject of my Creative Media Studies Essay in Trimester 3 at SAE that earned me a HD


I seriously need to improve my Ableton ability if I want to reach the levels of the great Boris Brejcha.
I need to get Fckn SERIOUS



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