“The TB Podcast” is the Techno Beat Podcast hosted by Trent Bice.

Season One is dedicated to all things Melbourne Techno. This episode features fellow Bendigonian, Tech-house DJ and Neuroscientist Bec Grenfell - https://www.instagram.com/bec_grenfell/

We discuss her rise into the Melbourne scene, playing in clubs from country to city, to doofs and dungeons.

Most fascinatingly, Bec explains her thesis on how Dance Movement Therapy can help people with Motor Neuron Disease and Parkinson's, and how music and dance can help stunt the development of such diseases.

More on Bec can be found on her facebook page, here:

https://www.facebook.com/becgrenfellmusic/ and at https://soundcloud.com/becgrenfellmusic check out her latest creation - “Sounds of Obscure Emotions”

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About the series:

The Techno Beat hosted by Trent Bice. Join Trent and the biggest names in Melbourne techno for insightful conversations, direct from his studio in Saint Kilda. DJs, Producers and Club Owners delve deeper into what keeps the heart of Melbourne techno beating. Hear their journeys into the scene and get the all-access pass into why Melbourne techno is great; must-see upcoming events, underground parties and behind-the-decks insight. From Doofs to the D Floors, laugh and learn whilst finding new epic tunes along the way.

Peace, Love and Rainbows, Baby.

Below are the images discussed during the "Show & Tell" section from the

 513minute mark of Episode One featuring Bec Grenfell