“The TB Podcast” is the Techno Beat Podcast hosted by Trent Bice.

This episode features UK Progressive House Pioneers NANOPLEX (IbogaTech, Lowering the Tone).

BEN CODA & DJ IPCRESS join us in the TB Podcast studios, still riding the high from their headlining performance on the Sunset Stage, Saturday Afternoon at Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019.

Listen to their recent Rainbow Sets and chart-topping releases at https://soundcloud.com/nanoplex-1

Put a face to their name and see some clips from their recent doof performances on instagram.com/nanoplexmusic/ @ben_coda

On facebook at

Tickets and lineup for their upcoming Noisily Festival in the UK https://noisilyfestival.com/lineup/ or on Facebook at facebook.com/noisilyfestival/

You can find links to more live sets, events and social medias at https://linktr.ee/nanoplexmusic

From the 46-minute mark we begin to play Show & Tell, all images can be found in order by scrolling down at www.trentoff.com/nanoplex-ben-coda-dj-ipcress

In Part 1 we discuss:

- Perfect Stranger’s influence and Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019 9:30
- Other aussie gigs on this tour 16:30
- Past albums and “Guess their tune” 18:30 
The obstacles in remixing a Morten Granau classic
- Ipcress 22 & Coda 24:30 , naming Nanoplex 26, being Perplexed & Bewildered 28:30 
- Their Creative Process 34:00
- Being on Multiple Labels 42:10
- Show & Tell begins 46:10 
- Rainbow, 2017 47:00 Glastonbury 49, Ozora, Ozora London and their biggest crowds 53:50
- Life on the road & Social Media 65:45

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In Part 2, we get deeper into:

-  Ben’s ‘Setting the Tone’ Podcast with ‘Meat Katie’

- Noisily Festival

- Earthcore, Chrysalid and dream line-ups

- Preparing sets and playing live with hardware 

- First Gigs

- NSW Govt and ‘anti-fun laws

- The New Album “Broken Britain”

- Iboagtech,

- Their Mount Techmore and The Final Question

This week's feature track is “We Create” from Ben Coda’s https://www.beatport.com/release/widescreen-we-create/2479096

January 2019 “Widescreen/We Create” release on Ibogatech Records. “Chunky and Twisted but still with the trademark Coda groove”... “Primed to cause some serious dancefloor madness”.
I I gave this one a spin at the recent Babylon festival, and madness on the dancefloor did ensue. Enjoy this one, and thanks Ben for allowing us to use on this week’s episode.

In Part Two, we feature new release from Ben with Lucas - ROBOTIIK https://www.beatport.com/release/robotik-all-you-need/2518590


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Below are the images discussed in Show & Tell with Nanoplex

Photos Courtesy of Ben Coda via Facebook and Instagram