Fadi aka “FILA” of “ALY & FILA” gets interviewed by Trent Bice from The TECHNO BEAT Podcast right after his set at SUNDOWN NYD 2020 at The Paddock, Federation Square, Melbourne on Jan 1st 2020.

Thanks to Robyne Jones from Kodex Bookings and Projekt Travel for helping make this happen, as well as 1337 Promotions for hosting such an awesome party to bring in the new year. 


Egypt Dance Music Lords, Aly & Fila are one of the worlds most in demand Trance & Progressive artists. You can stream or buy their new album “it’s all about the melody”. As hot as the Sahatra & standing every bit as tall as the pyramids, listening to the way their music moves a crowd, we cnan understand why ALy & Fila have over 1.8m Facebook & 112k Soundcloud followers. 


In this episode, Fadi tells Trent:


  • How hard work pays off

  • His favourite festivals of all time

  • Advice for young producers

  • Writing tunes on the road and sharing his ideas with Aly

  • Plus some awesome highlights from his amazing Sunset performance at SUNDOWN NYD 2020


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Their Future Sounds of Egypt show


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Host: Trent Bice
Feature Guest: Fadi Wassef Naguib

Videography: Rain Flavell and Trent Bice for DOOFTUBE
Audio: Trent Bice

Produced & Edited by: Trent Bice for DooFTuBe Productions

Here's FILA with Trent at SUNDOWN NYD, Jan 1st, 2020 at The Paddock at Federation Square, Melbourne 2020.

Photos Courtesy of Trent Bice & SUNDO

WN 2020