PERFECT STRANGER INTERVIEW with Trent Bice of The TB Podcast

in Melbourne for Paradigm 2019- at the Flemington Racecourse.


  Recorded Live right after his Perfectly Strange partylifting set to close the Bush Techno Stage, Yuli Fershtat aka "PERFECT STRANGER" chats in the green room with host of "The Techno Beat Podcast" Trent Bice.


Mr Fershtat tells us:

- His special connection with Australia

- His production techniques and favourite collaborations

- The backstory behind "Manifestation" and "Six Feet Under" with Captain Hook

- His biggest influences and musical journey

- Playing at BOOM Festival! and Rainbow Serpent Festival.

- Plus we talk a bit of hoops and the current state of the Golden State Warriors towards the end


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Below are the images discussed in Show & Tell with PERFECT STRANGER

Photos Courtesy of Ben Coda via Facebook and Instagram