The Trent Bice Podcast is dedicated to all things Melbourne Techno. 

The first season will consist of some heavy-hitters in Melbourne techno, from A-Class DJs and Producers to those working just

as hard behind the scenes. 

Stay Tuned for More. 



The TB Podcast

The Techno Beat Season One -

Melbourne Techno


Below are the images discussed during the "Show & Tell" section from the

 52-minute mark of Episode One featuring Shannon Handsdown Maroney


Below is the demo episode from the first season featuring

Jozef Conor,


In this episode Trent is joined by Jozef Conor (Moontanned / Recovery Collective / Whoyostro) to discussMelbourne’s thriving techno scene.

Jozef discusses Melbourne’s best clubs, the difference

in the scene compared to Sydney, playing in Europe & Africa

and relives some of his most memorable concert experiences as a punter.


Finally, we are also given the pleasure of Jozef providing us a snippet of one of his new unreleased tracks from his soon-to-be-launched Jozzman Trax label, which you will find at the conclusion of this episode.


So sit back and enjoy, then find your dancin shoes and go embrace the beauty Melbourne techno is pumping.



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