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Recently recorded in Trimester 3 of my Bachelor of Audio at SAE, is our cover of The Roots feat Cody ChestnuTT - The Seed 2.0. It can be viewed here.
Full Blog Report of the process by Yours Truly can be found here

This is a track written by Leigh Bice in 1998 and recorded and produced in April of 2017. 

For my first major assignment in Trimester One of my Bachelor of Audio at SAE Melbourne we had to record, mix and produce an acoustic, vocal and percussion instrument. Whilst most students worked in groups recording either their own work or performing covers (some excellently done), I elected to get the old man to make the trek down from Bendigo and record a song I knew he had in his archives. 

All the credit goes to him on this one and very proud of the finished product. When you've got two and a half minutes have a listen, any questions or feedback feel free to send them directly to me at