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Assassin's Creed 360 Video - VR audio re-creation

Bice_Trenton_AUD456_2_Create_a_mix_for_360_Video - Project submission for Immersive at SAE.

This Project is best experienced using VLC media player or with an Oculus VR Headset. You can view it online at:

YouTube https://youtu.be/pxcc75240yw

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/368454473776598/videos/736973333701287


Submission for assessment two for Immersive Audio in Masters of Creative Media Industries for SAE during Trimester 2, 2020.

DAW used: Reaper64

Music: Ultimate Fantasy - "Peace (intro)" Release Summer 2020

Voice Talent: Igor Terra, Trent Bice

Narration: Trent Bice

Written By: Trent Bice

Video Provided by: SAE Institute Australia

Samples, ambience and soundtrack created by Trent Bice. Some royalty free samples used, courtesy of Trent Sherry.

** For educational purposes and assessment only **

Reflective – Also available at www.trentoff.com/blog

In the final stages of the project and as I became more familiar with reaper, I realised a few factors that could’ve helped my workflow. Firstly, there was quite a bit of lag working with the spatialiser in simply trying to align my dialogue and diegetic placement. I felt I was constantly shuffling clips to fit, despite having the timeline prepared in my earlier spreadsheet. I also had the audio from the original in the session, and as such should’ve used that as the main reference and align everything from that. Also trying to balance the mix was tricky, as when I mixed the overall volume of everything first it sat nice, but then when panning and using the spatialiser obviously the volume is drastically effected based on the camera movement/head tracking, again making it feel I was often going back and forth in channel mix volume and clip gain control, especially when identifying new samples and adjusting in the spatialiser. I should also have used Reaper’s recording tool earlier in the process, particularly for the narration as timing would have felt more natural and been more efficient in the recording stage, trying to find the balance between placement and flow. Doing this with the voices for the kitchen fight scene, the detectives in the street and effects such as the paper rustling as we entered the final shot through the window, all expediated workflow immensely.

My housemate Igor Terra from Piumhi, Brazil, voiced the first antagonist, and I felt getting to perform his lines - the muttering in break of Narration as we enter the room “Estou indo para você (I’m coming for you)” then as he aggressively leaps on to the table “ Agora Você é meu” or “Now you’re mine” with a scream as he lunges towards camera. I then subtly pitched his voice down by a couple of semitones to make it sound more ‘dark & evil’ to resemble the ambience of scene!

Some other notes of Creativity:

-The bird-type flutter in the title sequence, that returns at various times throughout the trailer

-Trying to add an element of comedy through the dialogue of the police officers, as they scurry on to the scene

- The knife through cutting across scene, then using a similar effect in the closing sequence

- Re-writing the narration, and all dialogue as mentioned in previous week’s blog Reflecting what could I wish I did differently: - I feel the main aspect I learnt from this entire process was to stick to the plan, eg disciplined to the original timeline, but also trial and error when learning a new DAW and Software is the best way to learn. Simply by experimenting with different plug-ins help me gain confidence in each’s effectiveness, particularly the 360 Spatialiser. - I feel the overall mix could be more balanced but I still am yet to understand how to sub-group, perhaps exporting multiple stems and then creating that as a new sub-group/channel would’ve helped workflow and made things smoother later in the final mixdown. - I feel working on projects such as this in a class environment would also have helped workflow and made it easier to share ideas, and quickly troublehsoot. As such with improved time management I would’ve liked to apply more traditional effects and got more creative with reverb, delays, and more unique sound design within Reaper itself.

Overall, the more I used the project the more ideas I had. Music like my music production I feel like my ideas are endless, but it’s unlocking the keys to the DAW in getting those ideas into the software that is still challenging, but ever developing with more use. This was a worthy project and I look forward to many more experiences in working with VR and 360 video. Thank You to Nick & Alex for your advice, guidance and support throughout the module.

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