• Trenton L Bice

Immersive Audio Project Post 4

As this project developed I decided to expand on some of the ideas from the original narrative in the Assassin's Creed trailer. I opted to play on the theme of following the bird from scene - to - scene, and as such re-wrote the voice over influenced by Edgar Allen Poe’s poem “The Raven”.

The dialogue I scripted, as we move from room to room: Once upon a midnight dreary, I wondered, bold, unfearing,

Determined for thy kitchen door,

I hear a little muttur, a visitor, ‘Mate you stutter”,

With one swipe that deadly clutter, sends me out for more

We laugh their glamps are glearing

This night it is unfearing, for now we are a nearing,

A nemesis one more

Come a little nearer, for that ye must fear,

Not Bird or beast up in thy mirror,

but thy name, of Jake thy Reaper

As for the spatial and immersive side of the content using Reaper I spent a lot of time precisely adjusting the automation for each channel. This gives the 360 degree spatial awareness and 3D effect by manually adjusting the location of the sound through the 360 Spatialiser plug-in using latch-mode. By working in latch mode, I can manoeuvre the sound in real-time using the mouse as the audio plays. I can also then go back and refine or smooth out any jolting mouse movements along the automation channel.

Whilst doing this I am also conscious of the volume and dynamic range of each channel in relation to others in the mix. By being aware of the distance of the sound effect relative to the camera placement, a realistic balance must be applied with the volume between elements to simulate being immersed within the scene.

By grouping various aspects, like ambience and general atmosphere, these can be maintained at an even level whilst effects such as the bird and dishes crashing can be brought to the forefront through loudness and their spatialisation. My next installment will be a final review of the project, and the process for the export and upload information.

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