• Trenton L. Bice

Immersive Audio Progress Blog 3

For this week’s Immersive Audio assignment I focused on creating the core samples for this project and refining the timeline for the placement of each element. I decided to try and get more creative with the sound design than just downloading free samples or packs that are available for public use. In doing this I’m using a combination of new recordings specific for this project, along with samples I have personally collected recently and catalogued in my user library.

Prior to using Ableton’s effects to hone them to be more realistic to the imagery in the scene, I used a Rode NT2A condenser microphone set to cardioid. The first sound I recorded by waving an A4 Exercise Book to simulate the flap of the bird’s wings. I used a Zoom H6 recorder pressed against my chest to simulate the heartbeat, and an Apple Iphone next to a our kettle as it boiled to used as screechie, eerie atmos that helps beuild suspense. The use of the lower quality iphone mic adds to the rawness of the sound.

A previous recording I intend to use is from the H6, which I used to record middle of the night’s waves at Torquay beach, again EQ’d with the intent to use as a suspense-building riser. This technique has worked effectively in some of my techno music production. I used attempting using Serum to create more of the short, stabby or intense kitchen effects, but for the sake of improving workflow and learning more about Reaper and spatialisation I have also implemented free samples to help with the metallic sounds and dark ambience of the opening titles. Here is the placement of this atmos and FX for the opening title scene, using Reaper64.

The arrangement of samples creating the opening titles scene for the re-creayion of the Assassin's Creed trailer, for Immersive Audio at SAE

Next I’ll be refining the script for the narrative and voice-recordings, and focusing on getting the automation precise using Spatialiser. The I shall explore the dynamic range and overall loudness for each track, and how prevalent each shall sit in the overall mix.

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