• Trenton L Bice

Immersive Audio VR 360 - Blog 1 AUD 456

In preparation for AUD456 Immersive Audio Assessment in Creating a mix in 360 degree Virtual Reality, I will be posting weekly blogs in reflection of the project development and planning process. We begin this week by establishing the scene for which I'll be re-creating the audio, the trailer for Assassin's Creed (2 minutes and 32 seconds).

Firstly, I have downloaded new DAW Reaper, which specialises in VR editing and specialising software from Facebook 360, including Spatial Workstation VST and Spatial Video Player, which timecodes to Reaper for a more fluent video syncing and editing process. As I am not too familiar with this software, I aim to have a few more experimenting sessions between now and next week’s webinar to learn how to navigate the software and plug-ins.


Furthermore, I have made a basic timeline for the visual effects on the screen and proposed key audio effects I will need at each point throughout. I have already established basic atmos and ambience effects that will be suitable at various moments, and timestamped the exciting visuals/highlight moments that we want to accentuate the energy that is reflected through the soundtrack. I have also noted the basic spatial awareness in either vague clock form or more precise 360 degrees, such as the bird flapping from 10 o’clock to 2 oclock or box getting grabbed at approximately 20 degrees.

This basic planning will give an me outline to build on throughout this project and further explore ideas and concepts throughout the development process.

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