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Week 12 - Post Production Reflective

Our final intensive project in Tri 4 at SAE completed this week, as our group wrapped up our Post Production project - recreating all audio for the opening scene of Toy Story 3.

I feel the quality of the final product literally speaks for itself and is a great representation of the fantastic talents of everyone in our group and performance for the trimester.

I found this as a great learning experience and working with such an organised and forward thinking team definitely put us on the front foot for each project. The professionalism was something that we kept improving as the term went on, highlighted by the preparation going into this final project and the extra work done by leading team members outside of campus.

Corey and Tristan during the mixing session

Corey and Tristan during the mixing session

Coming into our first post-production session with the clip already selected and time coded gave us a good hour head start on the rest of the project. As discussed here, our individual roles as character actors was a fun experience, and much like previous terms in SAE it was fascinating to learn about parts of the industry I had not really considered. The process of being counted in with a three-second beep and trusting that the timing to sync the voice is accurate and was some mind-boggling fun, and we all thoroughly enjoyed getting into character for syncing the voices.

The foley process too was more fun the more outside-of-the-box we began to think.

Whether it was manipulating* a car engine for the roar of a dinosaur, banging a brick against carpet to resemble a cowboy falling into a train, Susan literally going on Puffing Billy to record a real-life steam engine or simply a bag of doritos being ruffled to resemble a flame, it was great to prove the theory of what you see is not necessarily what your hear.

Not using the literal object of what was seen on the screen to represent the sound (other than the train) was really what made this exercise so fun.

Above: Our lists of jobs during our final mix session.

Below: The limter and high pass filter applied to our 'dinosaur roar'

Thanks again to our tutor Tristan Meredith for his knowledge, patience and professionalism in this project and the extra efforts of each and every one of our team to complete such an awesome project. I honestly believe the attention to detail is better than the original movie, and would again like to mention Griffin Jennings in particular for his exceptional soundtrack production. (*Manipulate by Roman Tapia - is my 'song of the week' btw, featured here during my debut set last week at Pawn & Co Day Spa)

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