• Trenton L. Bice

Week 9 - Post Production: Toy Story 3 (Opening Scene)

In Week 9 we began our Post production project which is essentially taking a movie scene or trailer, removing all the sound and us having to rebuild all the audio from scratch.

Going in to this we wanted make sure it would be a fun project, and as a group had a brainstorming session in studio prior to our first class to get an idea of the vibe we wanted to go with for our project.

After exploring many ideas including Space Jam, Pirates of the Caribbean and The Matrix; our consensus was fun yet far from simple. The opening scene from Toy Story 3.

This fit our criteria for many reasons, a broad range of characters which would give each of us a role as character actors, a diverse range of sound effects required for both in and outside action and ambient shots, a dramatic musical score, plus animation seemed more fun as a nice kids movies should bring a cheeky-playful when presenting our final product to the class.

Our first session started off on the right foot as our pre-planning session put us ahead of schedule, partocularly due to the great work of Dylan who had gone through the night before and time coded all dialogue and main foley hits so as that was not time spent on an important, yet time consuming process in valuable classtime. This allowed to delve straight in to the meaty part of the project, by begining to record all character lines.

Who was categorically selected to play the role of crabby Ol' Mr PotatoHead, you wonder?

I was first cab off the rank by taking on the somewhat far-too-real -life resembling role of Mr Potato Head, who in the scene is evil Western Bad guy “One-Eyed Bart”. In fact , much like in the casting of animation, most of our roles naturally seemed tof it our personalities or roles in the group thus far through the term.

For I, playing “One-Eyed Bart/Mr Potato Head, the grizzly old veteran of the bench with sinister motives but is ultimately lovable. Or as Pixar describes us:

Susan played Jessie: The reliable token female who keeps the boys in line and you know will get each job done right-the first time. Suze also got the uxury of being one very determined Mrs Potato head.

Denver Andrews playing Andy: The innocent youthful member of the group, Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky with the grandest of dreams and who just loves playing with all of his toys.

Julien: The accented Mr Evil Dr Pork Chop that resembles a sinister accented villian straight outta the latest Bond series.

Cory is Woody: Reliable Hero number One that just also happened to be wearing a Western-styled flannel shirt on the day of our casting.

Dylan: The roar of T Rex who saves the day when things go astray.

And Griffin aka Buzz Lightyear: A plastic bilingual spaceman action figure with wings, a laser and a helmet, who accompanies Woody on his adventures in each movie. He was also one of a few amazing aliens being amazed aliens.

Then, to wrap up the fitting analogies of our individual castings, we as a group together performed as a troop of monkeys falling from a floating pig space shape about to attack a plastic action figure spaceman, cowboy and dinosaur. Kinda sums up our first 8 weeks at SAE (ba-dum-psssh!)

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