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This is "Sophie" - Trent's Tantalizing Tympanic Ticklers (Ep One)

At the end of my latest blog I intended to have a short addendum introducing a new "Running blog feature that I hope I don't forget next week". But what was going to be a quick sentence and link turned into utter ramblings of musical passion, which in turn is now this Blog Number 6 of Trimester 4 of my Bachelor of Audio at SAE. (Faculty please note the direct link/plug that is bound to boost mid-2018 enrolment).

Photo Courtesy of Essentially I'm going to start incorporating into my weekly blog my favourite/most thrashed/appreciated/or deeply connected with song of the week. One that I feel the world must experience, and it only seemed necessary that I dedicate this week's blog to the launching of such an outrageous new concept, of which the interwebs have never seen before.

It's fun to keep our new fave artists or hummin tunes as our own little secrets (usually to avoid them becoming that naughty word 'mainstream'). I feel that at the end of the day the joy of music is sharing and experiencing moments with others and such moments enhance and sculpt our lives.

Deniz Bul comes under the tutelage of the great Boris Brejcha on the Fckng Serious label out of Berlin. I played his tune "Sophie" over the weekend more times than Plugger has been chased by pigs, and a cool wrinkle was discovering this beautiful anghellic vocal on my good ol'mate Sophie 'El Peelio's Birthday. Funny how the Universe works. I don't want to do an injustice to the beautiful journey that is this tune and put up a clip starting midway through the song. However, for those impatient ones of us (but let's be honest anyone impatient wouldn't have made it this far into the blog or clicked all those Sixers hyperlinks last week ), I implore you to at least appreciate the vocals from the four-minute mark. For the rest of us, please enjoy Deniz Bul's "Sophie".

(Editor's Note: In future these "Trent's Tantalizing Tympanic Ticklers" will be reduced to a quick sentence and a link....we hope)

Trent's Note: Whilst this is a shorter blog, you're time will be more than compensated with the tunnels of deep dives you'll go down exploring the links. Bon Appetit, Amigos!


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