• Trenton L Bice

Am I really Mad about Music? (There's not enough hours)

This week in Lecturer Tim Dalton's blog he stated he often had students claim to them they are mad about music but they rarely experienced it in a form outside of their phone or laptop headphones.

This challenged me to question my own desire for music. Am I involving myself in 'The Scene' enough and is it for the right reasons? With the Census date (ie: opt-out of this course day) appraoching at SAE my commitment to the remainder of my studies was raised in a subliminal way that has led to me taking a step back, and using this forum to ponder in written form my desire to be in this industry. First and foremost the fact that it took an email from faculty to remind me there is even an opt-out option for this course is a fantastic sign for my peace of mind. I've never really considered not finishing what I've started here and that promise to myself drives me every day to complete this Bachelor. So personal integrity and drive isn't questioned here, but Tim's questions have led to me to assess myself as a whole.

See, if I myself do not seem committed to the cause of the live music scene from within then this will surely be noticed by others. My enthusiasm levels will come through when pursuing future employment and when trying to network. Am I mad about music? It's hard for me to say but one thing I do know is that I am totally consumed by it and it does (and has for decades now) affect my life both for the better, but also the detriment of work and school (not to mention the bank account). This is something I shall ponder over the coming days and I'll explore further in next week's blog.

For now, here are some fun snaps of our group working in our Wednesday AUS220 Live Sound class, where we learned how to set up a stage for a live gig and analsye the acoustics of the room and how to suit this to each individual input/microphone and maximise an ideal listening environment for the audience and performers.

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