• Trenton L. Bice

EMP Remix Planning

For my EMP remix I will be doing a techno version of Tim Knowles’ Not Giving Up. Tim has decades of experience and recently appeared on X- Factor, making the finals.

His version is a nice little acoustic number centre around heartfelt vocals and simply strummed guitar. I intend to bring the dirtiness out of this song to life. I will make be making this a techno version, heavily influenced by the style of Boris Brejcha’s high-tech minimal whilst implementing keeping the heartfelt by leaning on Stephan Bodzin’s base style as described in my recent synth blog.

I’ll implement his use of shakers to keep a steady tempo and implement the bassline, but more than likely remove or heavily effect the guitar using either sampler or granulation synthesis. This could involve using some of the Daft Punk style sampling, and I intend to try some of Kanye West’s autotuning on the vocal (more along the vibe of his 808’s & Heartbreaks album). I also want to try the effect Boris uses (an example of him testing out the Roland VT-3 here) by bringing out the low-end to create a darker vocal to suit the techno vibe, although Tim’s nicely sung vocals may be too good to tear too far to shreds.

There is no direct link to Tim’s version of the track itself, but here is a link to his website to get a feel of the style of tune I’ll be working. Tim and I will have open communication through the process but he also trusts my work and wants to let me maximise my creative freedom, which I appreciate.

So as there is no reference tune for you to experience, in the meantime I’ll let you enjoy some of the tabloids top analysis of Tim’s recent X-Factor escapades.

Overall, This is an exciting project and I look forward to hearing the end result.

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