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This brings us to determining how people in the industry and potential audiences are going to know we exist. How does one establish this professional identity? Social Media is one of the most accessible tools available and when utilised correctly can be a significant help in boosting careers. It takes us from being non-existent to simply putting ourselves on the map, and it’s power can help build multi-million dollar careers (see: Beiber, Justin).

Once we establish our professional identity we need to reflect that through our social media accounts because, whether we like it or not, they do get analysed by potential employers. Perhaps more importantly it’s the primary medium for our audience to access us amongst their everyday lives in this digital age.

Social Media gives us the power to extend our reach, engage with our audience and learn from others in the industry. This references back to associating ourselves with reputable brands and individuals, as now more than ever we are able to filter prospective business partners or employers before having any personal contact.

One's credibility can be reflected through their website, facebook, youtube, soundcloud, linkedin, beatport and twitter accounts. How these are managed can have a great influence on the perception of one's Professional Identity. This is an effective way to get your name in front of those in the field that you wish to associate with, work for, and entertain. It is a means of connecting and learning other methods of quality artforms and provides access to equipment that may not have been as accessible in the pre-internet era.

I have implemented the words earlier used to describe me from the Johari Window exercise into my professional identity and how I will express that through social media and into my career. Instead of focusing on my lack of productions, I’m aiming to work to my strengths of confident, observant, reflective and witty and combined this into my online portfolio by putting out a “Fun, yet Professional” vibe. I’ve done this by posting some of my SAE assessments that I feel may peak public interest. I collated that with my independent work and posts on events and other tracks in my field that may appeal to my target demographic. This is a subtle way of getting my name out there as I attempt to be an inclusive part of the scene rather than just a fan.

I have already seen great benefits from posting this “portfolio project” (our earlier assessment in CIU111), in my case the website and launching it publicly. When I’ve been attending events around the city and interacting with those in the techno scene, they have been providing me with positive feedback particularly in regards to my writing skills. Most have been impressed with the content and level of professionalism I’ve displayed with the site and when mentioning that launching this was part of a uni assignment, I feel it’s a more humble way of promoting myself, rather than the sensationalism of ’look at me’ types of facebook pages and obscene videos that many artists may post just to get clicks.

Having an established social media presence, particularly soundcloud, instagram, facebook and a website, in this day and age definitely helps establish an individual's credibility in any artform. In a ‘what-have-you-done-for-me-lately?’ society it’s crucial to stay relevant and constantly update each page.

This online presence has helped open the door to what is happening in my world to those outside my inner circle. I feel that when attending events now that amongst those that have seen the page I already get viewed as more of an expert in the field rather than just another party-goer. The responses I get from people who I would not even register as to know what I’m working on has been astounding and shows the importance a social media ‘face’ can be.

Much of this positive feedback has been due to my creative writing and the interest of my independent reviews and blogs from CIU110 that I have posted in my “News and reviews” section. These review are helping me become more of an established expert. To continue to Part 3, Click here


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